Senior Class Gift

Senior Class Gift

Seniors, contribute to the 2014 Senior Class Gift by donating $20.14 today!

Donations benefit The Appalachian Fund, which supports more than 74 areas across campus- including scholarship supplements, professional development for faculty and staff, study abroad, student organizations, athletics initiatives, arts programs, and each of our eight colleges. As the university's only unrestricted fund, your donation can be put to areas of greatest need.

For more information, visit our FAQ page.

There is no better way to celebrate your Appalachian experience, and pay that gift forward to the entire university, than by making a Senior class gift today.

Seniors who contribute $20.14 to the Senior Class Gift will receive several benefits:

  • An invitation to a Toast with the Chancellor at the McKinney Alumni Center, where you'll receive a commemorative champagne flute.
  • Recognition on Alumni website and in The Appalachian Today.
  • The knowledge that you are making a difference at Appalachian, and enhancing the experience of current and future Mountaineers.
  • A donor lapel pin to wear at graduation (image below).



Senior Class Gift Contributors


Jessica Rose Elmore – given in honor by Lisa Kellner
Hillary Long Kevin – given in honor of Zwetsloot
Haley Everett
Erin Low - given in honor of Denise Brewer
Bailey Ewing
Takara Lowe
Hannah Farlow
Sarah Luihn – given in honor Health Services Staff
Dalton Fish – given in honor of Dr. Bonnie Guy
Thomas Mabe – given in honor by Emily Mabe
Jenna Fox
Cortney Macpherson
Allison Garland
Casie Mahaley
Charlotte Garvey – given in honor by Annette Garvey
Meghan Mahoney
Jennifer Gobey
Jessica Marr
Mattie Godfrey
Hannah Matton – given in honor by Cynthia Matton
Marianne Nicole Goins
Bryan McCall – given in honor of Doug Roberts
John Gorum – given in honor by Tammy Gorum
Jason McClain
Miriam Grattage
Briana McCoy
Margaret Graves – given in honor by Tammy Gorum
Maryclaire Mcilwain – Given in honor by Tracy Mcilwain
Joseph Griswold
Rachel McMillan
Casey Gross
Erin Menear – given in honor of Peggy, Robin, Wanda, Karen, Paula, and Brenda.
Dustin Hackett
Dalton Miller
Rachel Haferman
Amanda Mitchell
Thomas Hagler – given in honor by Leila Hagler
Ryan Mitzel
Nikolas Hales – given in honor by Patricia Goodwin
David William Moose
Jason Hanson – given in honor by Louise Hanson
Lauren Nixon
Connor Harney – given in honor by Christine Harney
Gillian Nooe- Given in honor by Kimberly Nooe
Preston Harris – given in honor of Heather Dixon-Fowler
Alyssa Nunziato
Melissa Ann Hawkins – given in honor by Danny Hawkins
Melissa Ortiz – given in honor by Miriam Ortiz
Nichole Hayes – given in honor by Kathleen Hayes
Nicole Palumbo
Katherine Hendrick
Karen Parker
Jennifer Hennings - given in honor by Rosa Lovejoy
Jerry Pitts III – given in honor by Angela Byrd
Hayley Hepburn
Megan Price
Barbara Hill
Alyssa Price
Meredith Hinson – given in honor by Kelly Hinson
Alexander Putzer
Evan Hockenberger
William Raby – given in honor by Kathryn Raby
Jordan Hollingsworth - given in honor of Sandra Beth Lubarsky
Mackenzie Radford
Holly Houchins
Kara Rauch
Danielle Iannelli
Tyler Raymond – given in honor by Linda Raymond
Kelly Jackmore
Meredith C. Reamey – given in honor by Charles West
Michelle Jewell
Samantha Reynolds
Brittany Johnson
Jonathan Richards
Nicole Johnson
Alexandra Riddle
Seth Johnston – given in honor by Kimberley Johnston
Christopher Robinson – given in honor by Angela Robinson
Jamie Jones
Katharine Roman – given in honor by Kimberly Roman
Sarah Jones
Douglas Romick
Dale Keller – given in honor by Molly Keller
Traci Royster
Jesse Kellogg – given in honor by Harold Kellogg
Kaitlin Rzasa
Meghan Kelly – given in honor by Leanne Daniel
Alaria Sacco
James King – given in honor by Mary King
Natalie Salmonese
William Lard – given in honor by Kerri Lard
Jennifer Salzer
Ben Leahy
Deanna Schaeffer
Austin Lechner – given in honor by Jana Lechner
Ellyn Schweickert
James Lester – given in honor by Martha Lester
Kristen Seatz – given in honor by Sherry Jordan
Laura Levine – given in honor by Rita Vermeulen
Cole Setzer

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The Appalachian Fund & The Parents Fund Progress:

Every gift makes a difference, every dollar counts, every Mountaineer, every year!
Please consider making a gift to help us reach our $950,000 goal for the 2014-2015 fiscal year!



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